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Monday, September 26, 2011

Mexican Corn on the Cob, Hot Stuff

From the archives, this corn on the cob was very popular in the Rio Grande Valley Texas where Man and I wintered for several years.  He loves corn on the cob and he loves hot spices, and he really loved the combo.  I googled Mexican corn on the cob and found that it is also known as elote.

According to the blog Homesick Texan, it’s a cob of corn "slathered in mayonnaise, cotija cheese (a semi-hard, crumbly cheese that resembles grated Parmesan), powdered chile peppers and lime juice. Sometimes, you can find it without mayonnaise and instead drenched in butter, margarine or crema."


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Cheri Hopkins aka You Go Genealogy Girl #2 said...

We have to try this one, I can see it being loved by my family. I had peanut butter tonight...whooppee!