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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wild Turkey

Yes, we live where we see a number of different species, like turtles, deer, praying mantis and this year, wild turkeys.  Once before, many years ago, we had the turkeys come into the yard, one time, one day, never saw them here again - - UNTIL - - this year.  In the last week they have visited at least 3 times.

We have quite a gang, this is only part of the group, we have counted nearly 20.

They move quite quickly around the yard, pecking and eating non-stop.  It is very hard to get a photo of them through the house windows when they are moving along at warp speed.  Seems I can get the bodies in focus, but the head never seems to be.

All appear to be hens, no toms.  And, no, none of them will be appearing on our Thanksgiving table.



Barbara Poole said...

They are on a mission, no time to stop and pose for Carol. Good shots tho. Yummy, yummy.

Jasia said...

Wow! What time is dinner?