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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Reflecting On 9-11, The Strong, The Mighty, The Red, White & Blue


While this may seem like an odd choice to memorialize a very sad day, 10 years later, I think not. Having just spent some time in the western USA, Man and I saw a lot of  bison.  They are huge, majestic, mighty and represent to me, the ability to survive and come back.

In Custer South Dakota the city has many painted buffalo statues, they are enchanting.  Just out of town to the north, heading towards the Crazy Horse monument I found this red, white and blue statue.

While, not a living specimen of fauna, what better to visualize the ability to survive and come back and our flag's colors, all in one image.  The photo has been edited artistically with what Photoshop calls Dark Strokes, somehow also appropriate on September 11th.


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Gini said...

Wonderful photo - you did an exceptional job and this is a perfect example of our country's strength and loyalty . . . thank you, Carol.